Ramadan Times (Beta) for Universal Windows Platform and your web browsers

In 2012, when Microsoft introduced its Windows Phone platform, there were very few apps in their Windows Phone Marketplace (which is now known as Windows Store). I decided to develop an app that could serve the need of people (esp. in the month of Holy Ramadan) – I came up with an idea of Ramadan Times.

Since then, with the progress of time and platforms, I have been doing respective changes to the app (be its layout, features, notifications and so on) and last time, I ended up pushing Ramadan Times for Windows RT (Windows 8.1, Windows Phone 8.1 & Surface RT tablets). Along with this release, we came up with an idea of Ramadan Times for Web and he pushed the responsiveness for all the browsers.

Today we’re announcing Ramadan Times for Universal Windows Platform

As this is an announcement for beta version, I would rather be discussing more technical details than some colorful features (that would come once the beta is closed). Therefore, if you have Windows 10 on your device and you love trying out new apps then consider yourself at the right spot.


Ramadan Times is developed using the Universal Windows Platform APIs (Visual Studio 2015 Update 2) and it works for all Windows 10 devices such as Phones, Desktop PCs, Tablets, Surface Hub, All in One PCs, IoTs, Xbox One (very soon) and yes, the HoloLens.

Around 85% of the code is quite universal and I have used all types of adaptive layout techniques varied by cases such as Custom and Adaptive Triggers and Unique Layouts for specific devices.

Ramadan Times (for browsers) is written on HTML5 along with the powerful JavaScript.


We are currently open for all the suggestions, changes and contribution if you are willing to be a part of it. I can easily be contacted at Twitter or Facebook. Secondly, we are also looking for the multilingual resources who can help us globalize this app to many languages.

As soon as the beta is closed and if we get more developers to contribute in this app, I will make the repository public on Git so all of us can take the benefit of improving it.

Prayer Times API

We have introduced the API for prayer times (powered by Windows Azure) in case you want to use and develop some coolest apps with that. It is also open for the contribution if you’re interested in that.


As a hobbyist, I love to craft apps for this platform. Hence my interest of creating this site and a blog is merely for the support of mind alike developers and the people who can get benefit of prayer times.

I work for VeriPark and all the posts, views and opinion here on this blog are my own not my employer’s.

Until next time,