Ramadan Times Bot on Skype and Facebook

The technology is growing at an exponential rate if you closely analyze the Moore’s Low. We’re in a time where humans are cloning their brains with personalized robots, flying cars are being tested in real time on real roads and robots are standing to welcome you on immigration counters. I, on the lower side, am trying to understand one of the next big things, Bots.

Bots are considered to be one of the hottest topics since mobile apps. I was quite impressed to see them live on Google IO, Microsoft Build and Facebook F8 this year. Therefore, I decided to explore and learn a few things about them.


It’s always better to give a practical shape to what you are learning and then I decided to go for Ramadan Times bot.

Ramadan Times Bot is a chat bot which is now available on two most renowned platform for chat i.e. Skype and Facebook. The bot takes a city/country as a parameter from and returns prayer times of the day. Having said that, there are certain limitations and problems which you may encounter in the timings.


The calculation of prayer times is based upon certain parameters such as Latitude and Longitude of a place, date, calculation method, asr jurisdiction and a place’s time zone.

Now since I am only asking for the city/country from you which is why there’s a low probability of calculation of wrong timings.


I’m currently using Haversine formula to calculate the distance from a given location to the base method location (such as University of Islamic Science method is from Karachi) and then mapping the respective calculation method to the algorithm.

For example, for Bahrain, the algorithm will choose Umm-al Qura, Makkah method. If you want to learn more details about it, message me on facebook / twitter and then we can chat.

The bot is now ready and functional. Please give it a try!

Until next time,